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A collection of useful links, from technology related and various other interesting websites:

Forums/Bulletin boards

  • The most extensive vintage computing and emulation community on the Internet

Technical data reference for vintage PCs and laptops

Old laptops and computers collections

  • A very good, detailed collection of laptops and other vintage computers, with pictures and specifications
  • Another great laptops and other vintage computers collection, spanning decades, with pictures and specifications, from the Czech Republic
  • A quite good collection of early (late 80s and early 90s) laptops

Old lighting and lamp technology

  • The museum of Electric lamp technology is a great resource for past incandescent, semiconductor, discharge lamp technology and products

Old Thinkpad drivers

  • A very extensive collection of drivers for IBM Thinkpad laptops, prior to sale of the division to Lenovo

Other sites

  • A balanced, non-affiliated, Romanian news website, centered on information from Chiajna, Ilfov.