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There were many Toshiba laptops being released but I personally tested only a couple of them, hence the incomplete list below. Please note that some laptop pictures are not from my collection but from the internet.

In general, Toshiba laptops made from around 1990s, possibly even before, up to the late 90s, can be considered good in terms of built quality, choice of hardware and performance. It was above some typical Dell and Compaq laptops, in my opinion. However, since the start of the IBM Thinkpad line the entire Toshiba laptop range was only on par or at slightly less build quality, performance, features, than IBM. There were also some notorious flaws in hardware that were more prominent than on IBM, such as those leading to board issues, from my small sample set and experience.

Additionally, Toshiba tended to be more keen on keeping in use various obsolete parts, technology or old features slightly longer than manufacturers such as DELL and IBM (for instance, offering mediocre keyboards, few if any screen brightness adjustments, slow or proprietary memory expansion, slightly slower graphics, obsolete screen technology such as passive-matrix LCDs), while it offered similar or good audio capability (favouring Yamaha chips and power saving features that did not require additional software). Also, Toshiba can be credited with launching and being quite successful at releasing some very compact laptops or subnotebooks, notably the Portege range.

Pre-Satellite series


Portege series


110 CS 110 CT 300 CDT 4010 CDT

Satellite pro series

Tecra series

This range was split around 1998 from the Satellite Pro series to create a new professional range, the old pro series had very small differences from the regular models.